Executive Summary.

The impact study was built to study the impact of scholarship programme implemented by Vidya Poshak. The objective of the impact study was to find out,

Ø  Whether this scholarship programme has saved precious talents of students?

Ø  Whether the economic condition of the beneficiary student’s family has improved as a consequence of Scholarship programme.

The methodology followed for conducting impact study was Case Study method and Opinion of Stakeholders.

The following indicators were considered to study impact.

Ø  Achievement of students as a consequence of Scholarship programme.

Ø  Economic condition of family before and after student was placed in job and started earning.

The impact study assessed the performance of the scholarship programme focusing on the following evaluation issues.

Ø  Effectiveness: Have the goal been attained?

Ø  Impact: what has happened as a consequence of the programme output?

Ø   Additionality: what has happened which would not have happened otherwise?

Ø   Sustainability: How to sustain this programme in future?

Three beneficiary students Gururaj Joshi, Dinesh Vaidya and Santosh Kusnur were selected for casestudy based on the following criteria.

Ø  The students who have received scholarship from Vidya poshak 4 years back.

Ø  Completed graduation.

Ø  Placed in job and earning.

Ø  Pursuing  Higher education like Ph.D.

Ø   Home based in Hubli or Dharwad.

The principal of B.V.B engineering college: Dr. Ashok S. Shetter, Vineetha kulkarni: donor and volunteer for Vidya Poshak and Rathna: Vidya Poshak staff were selected for collecting opinion of stakeholders.


Observations and outcomes of impact study.

Ø  There is a steady increase in number of scholarships awarded to students by Vidya Poshak,          Particularly from year 2004.

1)      The scholarship programme is also spreading geographically covering districts of Karnataka and Pune city.

2)      In addition to financial assistance Vidya Poshak also provides moral support to students.

3)      Selection of students for awarding scholarship is a unique process which ensures genuine students in need are identified.

4)      Vidya Poshak provides scholarship for right students at right time for right course.

5)      Students awarded scholarships are academically and professionally performing well.

6)      The economic condition of student’s family has improved after they have been placed in job and started earning. Dinesh Vaidya is an ideal example.

7)      There is a strong feeling among beneficiary students and stake holders that this scholarship programme can be sustained by active role of alumni.





1.      The current address and contact numbers of the alumni students must be updated.

2.       Alumni association must be facilitated so that old students can play a role in sustaining this scholarship programme. The students benefitted from Vidya poshak have to take the lead and should help more deserving students.

3.      Contact programme between scholarship students and donors must be facilitated at least once in six months, so that donors can directly interact with beneficiary students.



The beneficiary students, stakeholders like parents, Donors, Vidya Poshak staff and Principal of education institution have a positive opinion towards scholarship programme. The meritorious students from economically backward families who have problems to continue their higher education are now able to complete higher education with financial and moral assistance from vidya poshak. . As a consequence of this scholarship programme, students have completed graduation, Placed in jobs which has led to the economic stability of the family.  This Scholarship programme was scaled up in year 2004, four years have passed since then and this year these students will complete graduation. Once these young graduates are placed in jobs or apply for higher education, the impact will also scale up. An Alumni association should be facilitated so that old students can be networked and can carry forward this scholarship programme in future.





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