What I learned from this fellowship programme

                                                               “ Desphande foundation” is a  family foundation . It is one  a  philanthropic  foundation equipping   young ,energetic, dynamic professionals to become a social change agent or catalyst  for  developmental change.  The Desphande   fellowship programme is a unique programme  that  is different from any other academic course; this is a skillbased programme rather than a   theory based . For  a development worker  this fellowship programme gives an indepth understanding  about  the current  scenario of the  development sector,including  the  wants and  demands and needs  of the community .This fellowship programme is  providing overall development of life skills  , using  real life situation to experience  the reality . it is almost 75 percentage  application and 25 percentage class room training!

This programme is  a  residential programme so we are unconsciously  learning how to solve and tackle intra and interpersonal problems. Most of the time we are the  teachers; our faculty act as  facilitators for us.  We can call this as learning by doing  a  more” student- centered “approach .  We are getting  a lot of external resources like guest speaker from different fields. In other academic institutions  the development and growth is restricted; Here there is no limit for development, hoe we are using the time and resources for each  person   the fellowship programme is different, but personally I realized what l studied in my student life is different from the real life situation . This fellowship programme is actually helping the young professionals to apply right straegy at the right time in the right place, I am happy  one in the  first batch fellows of this programme.