Fund raising experience of my team:


Always there are good people and good causes. When good people meet good causes there is fund raising.

Reason behind fundraising

More than three million people continue to suffer due to the devasting floods in the state of Bihar.The flood, originating from the River Kosi,has affected the economy of the state in an adverse manner. The state has suffered major losses in agriculture output.As more than 70 percent of Bihar’s 90 million people rely on land, many families have lost a major income source. The Deshpande Fellows collectively decided to quickly act in response to the flooding by organizing a relief effort for flood victims, our fellow Indian brothers and sisters. For one week, Fellows rasied funds throughout Hubli, including public places and colleges such as BVB College of Engineering and Technology.  After weighing options, Fellows have collectively decided to send all moneys collected, , to the Relief Fund of the Chief Minister of Bihar through a crossed cheque. Fellows A printed receipt book has been kept at Deshpande Foundation for transparancy purposes.

Challenges we faced

Our  teams took on the challenge of direct fundraising in public spheres.  Group members approached  market places, etc. As this was a first-hand experience of fundraising,  we  got very good responses from the public.  Groups who did not get responses slowly  they realized their mistake and  changed their strategies. After adopting  strategies, like wearing deshpande dress the entire situation changed and  Fellows began to receive positive and appreciative responses from the public. Moreover, industrialists, business entrepreneurs, common people all began to pitch in.   Still, some people  were hesitant to believe us. To convince these people, Fellows used the help of pictures\.  The overall response from the public was good. We received a lot of encouragement from our Despande Foundation. This is the first programme where Fellows truly tasted market competition.