Eco-Tourism Experience






cool place

cool place


The Deshpande Fellows had  a  experiential learning trip about eco-tourism  at the Western Ghats . This was truly a memorable experience for me. We tasted the forest life and trekking, which is totally different from any other type of tourism. This can be called sustainable tourism, or “the development of tourism which is ecologically supportable in the long term, as well as motivated to conserve the resources and increase the value of local culture and tradition”. Sustainable tourism seeks deeper involvement of locals, which in turn provides livelihood opportunities to the local people.




Our Activities at Honnemardu:

 Day One

         At about 10 am, we reached Honnemardu camping area. We brunched at the camp, where the resource person explained about the rules and regulation that we would need to follow during the coming days. The first day itself we had an exploratory visit to the nearby localities. We had a first-hand experience of swimming, with the help of very skilled people, and that night we had a campfire.

 Day Two

The entire second day we had boating in the Sharavati backwaters. One boat consists of 4 people, and we paddled with balance from one island to a nearby island. There, we practiced the swimming we learned in the previous day. That evening time we went to another nearby island, Korigudda, and camped there in tents.

 Day Three

 In the morning, we returned from the island, got ready for the culture and heritage tourism, and went to Sirsi. We had a very traditional typical Western Ghats lunch in the home of Venkatesh Jois, a Bhramin. Afterwards, we visited a temple, named Rameshwar. An elderly person told us a story about the origin and history of tourism in the Western Ghats. That evening, we enjoyed folk art, specifically the story-telling of Dharmajaraja. This was all told in Kannada…

That night, we reached our final destination, Kanur, by 11pm.

Day Four

The very next day, we got ready for the trekking activity. We trekked the whole day to Kanur Fort, travelling almost 14 kms. The path was narrow and very deep, and we walked nonstop through the forest, which was full of leeches , thorns,  and snakes.  After we experienced the trekking, we stayed that evening in a Malu’s home, a man named Mr. John.

Day Five

We returned to Kanur. There, we prepared food, after which we went to Jog Falls. Finally,  at 11 pm we reached Hubli.