“Greenpeace” is a nonprofit organization with 40 countries worldwide; I worked in Greenpeace Indian office, as a fund raiser cum campaigner.  The role of a Direct Dialogue Fundraiser is to raise awareness about Greenpeace Campaigns to people on the street and inspire them to contribute funds and become a financial supporter of Greenpeace. By joining the Greenpeace Fundraising team I learned about environmental issues and help make a difference, while working with a team of committed and fun loving people. Greenpeace does not solicit or accept funding from governments, corporations or political parties to ensure that we do not compromise our independence, objectives or integrity while we take environmental wrong-doers to task. Greenpeace only take the voluntary donations of individual supporters which Direct Dialogue Fundraisers help bring. We had lot of fun, working environment was very nice and appriciatable, monthly meeting for feedback sessions.

Challenges I faced in Greenpeace

New environment was my first challenge I faced in bang lore, from my student life I became a part of organization. New people, new way of working style, I never expect I was going to work in field; I preferred some office oriented job in that time.  As a beginner I can’t go for any other level, fundraising is a root level training for a beginner. Slowly I found out pleasure from this job, we usually work as a team, every team having some target score, like some 100 supporters per month with different amounts. Sometimes we work very hard then also we won’t get any response from the people, every day we want to inform the immediate superior about our score. For example rainy season, month end seasons, a people who donot have bank account in those conditions we won’t get fund also. Greenpeace teach me lot of practical lessons in my life, importance of SMART  work.