Brief description about the organisation:  “sathana”

                                    The hermitage has well designed rooms, a modern kichen that serves a pure veg food, spacious dining room to accommodate 65 people.  The home also has a polyclinic attached to it and a periodic interaction with imminent persons  from health,, psychology, human resources and spirituality subjects are also arranged. The concept of senior citizens’ homes varying in areas of services is very popular in developed countries. In the fast-changing society, such community living is becoming indispensable as the need emerges very fast with the realization of the increasing longevity. In today’s family scenario, many old couples are facing loneliness due to children staying a far or abroad, personnel problems or being issueless.  In the evening of their lives, there is no one to take care of them.  Hermitage home is a paradise for the old age people with all facilities.

Guerrilla Marketing Plan (GM)

Ø  Purpose of marketing


·         To  give publicity  about the hermitage and gain funds from the donor and funding agencies

·          To attain  a normal profit  out of the enterprise

·         To attract and find out the maximum clients for the enterprises


Ø How will you achieve it

·          Giving ADD in the Local newspaper  and gerontology magazines  ( both national and international)

·          A space advertisement in Television  and internet

·         Conduct market survey in the particular  niche area

·         Contact the NRI  children

·          Toll free number services

Ø .       Your target markets

                   Target = Seniorcitizens ( the criteria for admission is above 60 years of age )

                  Segment = retired above middle level income family parents , NRI parents

Ø  Your marketing Arsenal (weapons)

              Before introducing the weapons  the enterprise must conduct “MR” to penetrate the market needs  and wants

·         Maintaining international  standard of quality  at very normal price = mouth to mouth communication

·         Diversify the portfolio of projects ( launching an “alzhimers care giving training institute”)direct sale  through representatives

·         It has a gymnasium, a laundry and an Internet connection in every room.


·         50% of  the rooms are reserved exclusively for deserving people to whom all the facilities and amenities  are provide totally free of charge

·         The amenities at the hermitage are of international quality. All cleaning and kitchen staff are specially trained in five star hotels to meet stringent quality standards(add in internet )

Ø Your  position/niche

                    The hermitage is concentrating their resources in a local area town and nearby city areas that greatly improve their chances for survival and success. The services that designed by the “hermitage” is getting a wide appeal from everybody even in the international market t also

Ø Identify    your business

·         The residents  must   make an interest free refundable deposited of Rs: 7 lakhs per room

·           special package  for NRI parents , having a get together programme in every consecutive 3 years

·         The home is maintain a data base , including the profile of all retired  high net worth senior citizens  list

·          The old  age home designed lot of activities like

    1) If the inmates are retired hands from govt officials = they can do the      consultancy services

2) If they are collage professors = tuition cum resource person




Ø Budget:



              The  resort like home set up  an investment of Rs.6 core , is nested on greenplation


Total  marketing cost

1 core

Wider ADD /  pamlets

60 lakhs

Guerilla marketing


40 lakhs




 Land and building = Rs: 3 cores

  Administration =Rs:  9000000

  Marketing and ADD = 1 core

   Maintains and miscellaneous = Rs: 1, 1000000



 What I learned from this fellowship programme

                                                               “ Desphande foundation” is a  family foundation . It is one  a  philanthropic  foundation equipping   young ,energetic, dynamic professionals to become a social change agent or catalyst  for  developmental change.  The Desphande   fellowship programme is a unique programme  that  is different from any other academic course; this is a skillbased programme rather than a   theory based . For  a development worker  this fellowship programme gives an indepth understanding  about  the current  scenario of the  development sector,including  the  wants and  demands and needs  of the community .This fellowship programme is  providing overall development of life skills  , using  real life situation to experience  the reality . it is almost 75 percentage  application and 25 percentage class room training!

This programme is  a  residential programme so we are unconsciously  learning how to solve and tackle intra and interpersonal problems. Most of the time we are the  teachers; our faculty act as  facilitators for us.  We can call this as learning by doing  a  more” student- centered “approach .  We are getting  a lot of external resources like guest speaker from different fields. In other academic institutions  the development and growth is restricted; Here there is no limit for development, hoe we are using the time and resources for each  person   the fellowship programme is different, but personally I realized what l studied in my student life is different from the real life situation . This fellowship programme is actually helping the young professionals to apply right straegy at the right time in the right place, I am happy  one in the  first batch fellows of this programme.



Vivek G Pawar, CEO, Sankalp Semiconductors, Pvt Ltd.

Very Enthusiastic and very passionate personality  Mr. Pawar addressed the fellows and he told we must set very high goal and to reach that goal we need to have Being goals, doing goals and having goals. By achieving these goals we can reach our main goal. In our life there are many things which take us back from reaching our goal.  To overcome this, we must practice Yoga,  Dhyana, pranayama and etc which can make our body work hard and reach our goal. Our characters should mach to our goal then only we can reach it. These characters will show our zeal about our goal. We should have positive attitudes towards our goal. 


:  “leaders meet “  workshops  

                                                    The workshop   was on” indian  leaders for tomorrow  “is an exciting moment for the young bidding social entrepreneurs  like us,  many of the   social entrepreneurs presents their  experience aswellas their vision .


Fund raising experience of my team:


Always there are good people and good causes. When good people meet good causes there is fund raising.

Reason behind fundraising

More than three million people continue to suffer due to the devasting floods in the state of Bihar.The flood, originating from the River Kosi,has affected the economy of the state in an adverse manner. The state has suffered major losses in agriculture output.As more than 70 percent of Bihar’s 90 million people rely on land, many families have lost a major income source. The Deshpande Fellows collectively decided to quickly act in response to the flooding by organizing a relief effort for flood victims, our fellow Indian brothers and sisters. For one week, Fellows rasied funds throughout Hubli, including public places and colleges such as BVB College of Engineering and Technology.  After weighing options, Fellows have collectively decided to send all moneys collected, , to the Relief Fund of the Chief Minister of Bihar through a crossed cheque. Fellows A printed receipt book has been kept at Deshpande Foundation for transparancy purposes.

Challenges we faced

Our  teams took on the challenge of direct fundraising in public spheres.  Group members approached  market places, etc. As this was a first-hand experience of fundraising,  we  got very good responses from the public.  Groups who did not get responses slowly  they realized their mistake and  changed their strategies. After adopting  strategies, like wearing deshpande dress the entire situation changed and  Fellows began to receive positive and appreciative responses from the public. Moreover, industrialists, business entrepreneurs, common people all began to pitch in.   Still, some people  were hesitant to believe us. To convince these people, Fellows used the help of pictures\.  The overall response from the public was good. We received a lot of encouragement from our Despande Foundation. This is the first programme where Fellows truly tasted market competition.


Eco-Tourism Experience






cool place

cool place


The Deshpande Fellows had  a  experiential learning trip about eco-tourism  at the Western Ghats . This was truly a memorable experience for me. We tasted the forest life and trekking, which is totally different from any other type of tourism. This can be called sustainable tourism, or “the development of tourism which is ecologically supportable in the long term, as well as motivated to conserve the resources and increase the value of local culture and tradition”. Sustainable tourism seeks deeper involvement of locals, which in turn provides livelihood opportunities to the local people.




Our Activities at Honnemardu:

 Day One

         At about 10 am, we reached Honnemardu camping area. We brunched at the camp, where the resource person explained about the rules and regulation that we would need to follow during the coming days. The first day itself we had an exploratory visit to the nearby localities. We had a first-hand experience of swimming, with the help of very skilled people, and that night we had a campfire.

 Day Two

The entire second day we had boating in the Sharavati backwaters. One boat consists of 4 people, and we paddled with balance from one island to a nearby island. There, we practiced the swimming we learned in the previous day. That evening time we went to another nearby island, Korigudda, and camped there in tents.

 Day Three

 In the morning, we returned from the island, got ready for the culture and heritage tourism, and went to Sirsi. We had a very traditional typical Western Ghats lunch in the home of Venkatesh Jois, a Bhramin. Afterwards, we visited a temple, named Rameshwar. An elderly person told us a story about the origin and history of tourism in the Western Ghats. That evening, we enjoyed folk art, specifically the story-telling of Dharmajaraja. This was all told in Kannada…

That night, we reached our final destination, Kanur, by 11pm.

Day Four

The very next day, we got ready for the trekking activity. We trekked the whole day to Kanur Fort, travelling almost 14 kms. The path was narrow and very deep, and we walked nonstop through the forest, which was full of leeches , thorns,  and snakes.  After we experienced the trekking, we stayed that evening in a Malu’s home, a man named Mr. John.

Day Five

We returned to Kanur. There, we prepared food, after which we went to Jog Falls. Finally,  at 11 pm we reached Hubli.

 I am Soumya maryzacharias. Theory with out practice and practice with out theory is meaning less. Through the “Deshpande Foundation” fellowship programme(DFP) I realized the imporrtance of skills development. This fellowship is giving the real life experience to me. I am really enjoying the programme. On the other hand the Deshpande foundation focussing on the indivisual skills development. I joined the fellowship programme in June-2008. Prior to fellowship, had been working as a fund raising commitee member in “Green Peace foundation”. In fellowship programme I came to know about opportunites and challenges in different sector as education, health,livelihood, education and micro finance relavently. I came in contact with successful entrepreneurs and resource persons, they shared their own experience with us and inspired a lot.